Feros News
  • The Feros Initiative has become the most hated community on Planetside 2
  • The Feros Initiative is growing fast
  • The Feros Initiative home system is YZ Fornacis
  • The Feros Initiative started weekly events
  • News flash Murkal_man gets killed over 10x in a row by a BR level 8 on a flash more about this later
  • The initiative is using discord now while the empire remains on teamspeak
  • Megan demands the jizz on murkal-mans face to be tested for monkey origins
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  • graphics

What is conan exiles?

You are an exile, outcast and downtrodden, sentenced to walk in a barbaric wasteland where the weak are crushed and only the strong can live. Here you must fight to survive, build, and dominate the world alone on your own server, or with enemies and allies in online multiplayer.

Journey through a vast, seamless world filled with the ruins of ancient civilizations and uncover its dark history and buried secrets as you seek to conquer and dominate the exiled lands yourself. Start with nothing but your bare hands and forge the legacy of your clan, from simple tools and weapons to gigantic fortresses and entire cities. Enslave the bandits of the exiled lands to do your bidding by breaking them on the grueling Wheel of Pain. Sacrifice the beating hearts of your enemies on the blood-soiled altars of your god to seize true power and glory. Summon the colossal avatar of your god and see them lay waste to your enemies and their homes.

Just remember: in this brutal land of vengeful gods, bloodthirsty cannibals, and vicious monsters, survival is more than tracking down food and water. Explore mysterious ruins in search of treasure and knowledge, but beware the risk of your mind being corrupted by the dark forces of the world. Traverse vast sand dunes and seek shelter from scouring sandstorms sweeping across the burning sands. March into war against your enemies and unleash your savage fury in brutal combat. Go in unprepared and it will be your head rolling and limbs flying.

Conan Exiles is not an empty sandbox. It is a world rich in history where you must discover the knowledge and secrets of ancient civilizations as you struggle to build your own.

We changed a lot to it tho in our official feros server.

RPG sub-roleplay Server

The server is at the moment in early stages. We are shaping the world with the people that have joined us in early access. We are a friendly and helpful community and love to work together.

The settings have been changed like mostly 2x xp with killing npcs gives 3x xp. And right now harvesting is on 5x to speed things up aswell. Some other changes have been made aswell we are still looking what the best settings are for our server.

OptionalRP you wont be forced to do it while a lot do roleplay so please respect them in their roles.

There will be an entire war system diplomatic system. And the current trading system will be improved and more to come.

The Server is located in the UK London.

The server still has plenty of great spots For creating your own kingdom. Decay/Ruin system is turned off. Must someone ever leave the server the admin will remove the base instead. We rather wait till people say they left the server instead of them going to vacation and coming back to the server with all their stuff gone.

The Server will be never whipped. We also back it up twice a day and you can request a back up aswell.

We will soon upgrade the slots on the server since the early access in a success so far. We always improve the server and make sure everyone get a good performance even people on lower end pc’s.
When someone has a problem in the server we will mostly fix it in seconds.

The rules are right now: to not kill anyone since we are shaping the world. Also no raiding and that’s also why damage to buildings is turned off for now.

Server player made events, such as weekend slave & equipment markets. Resources trade between factions and more to come. We will soon make some kind of world boss battles aswell.

Server Discord for all updates info and so on.
To join add me on steam Joeysevengames

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