Feros Initiative Rules

 Feros News
  • The Feros Initiative has become the most hated community on Planetside 2
  • The Feros Initiative is growing fast
  • The Feros Initiative home system is YZ Fornacis
  • The Feros Initiative started weekly events
  • News flash Murkal_man gets killed over 10x in a row by a BR level 8 on a flash more about this later
  • The initiative is using discord now while the empire remains on teamspeak
  • Megan demands the jizz on murkal-mans face to be tested for monkey origins

The Feros Initiative Rules

The Feros Initaitive Official Rules

1. Do not Troll ( this doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun )

2. Do not racistly offend anyone.

3. Respect everyone and everyone’s religion.

4. Do not purposely mess up the formation. [Navy]

5. Do not purposely team kill or you will be executed ( yes accidents happen we understand )

6. Obey all orders given to you by Co’s or NCO’s ( commanding officer, non commanding officer ) [Navy]

7. Do not retreat until you are commanded. [Navy]

8. Use PTS ( permissions to speak ) to talk and wait for the commander to tell you granted if he/she says denied do not speak [Navy]

9. Do not rebel or you will be executed and banned from the Feros Initiative.

10. Always support your fellow pilot.