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 Feros News
  • The Feros Initiative has become the most hated community on Planetside 2
  • The Feros Initiative is growing fast
  • The Feros Initiative home system is YZ Fornacis
  • The Feros Initiative started weekly events
  • News flash Murkal_man gets killed over 10x in a row by a BR level 8 on a flash more about this later
  • The initiative is using discord now while the empire remains on teamspeak
  • Megan demands the jizz on murkal-mans face to be tested for monkey origins

The Feros Initiative Trading guide for EDDB hold mouse here

EDDB for beginners


Best way to make money is trading loops trading loops are: going from one station to the other selling and buying goods both ways. Meaning you making money going back and forth from these stations.

To make the most money press on the link and go to LOOP ROUTE.

At your location type your current system.

Press find loops.

Now you get a list of the closest trading loops making the most money.


trading imperial slaves make a lot of money. Just make sure you are in imperial space and not federadtion otherwise your ship might get blown up.

you can still trade slaves in federation space just make sure you dont get scanned. Same goes for any other illegal goods

Also imperial slaves are diffrent then regular slaves regular slaves are illegal everywhere.



The Feros Initiative

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The Feros Initiative finding anything in ED guide for INARA hold mouse here

INARA for beginners


Press the link.

Go to galaxy right top of your screen press it.

Press on commodities to find any trading good.
COMMODITY SEARCH is where you select what you need and your current system.

press on shipyard or outfitting to find any ship or module you need.
SHIP/EQUIPMENT SEARCH is where you type what you are looking for and your current system.

Most likely all other stuff you better off looking on the wiki off elite dangerous.


The Feros Initiative Bounties and fines hold mouse here

Bounties and fines


Fines can be paid at a station or base in the system you got the fine from. Go to starport services contact to pay your fines. You can also pay any fine from any system in a low security system or anarchy system. Dock at a station press on starport services contact interstaller factor.


To pay of a bounty placed on you go to a low security system or a anarchy system. Dock at a station press on starport services contact interstaller factor.

After bounty hunting to claim your bounties go to the station in that sytem starport services contact. Or any station in any system from the same minor or superpower faction.

The Feros Initiative

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