Feros Initiative Planetside 2

 Feros News
  • The Feros Initiative has become the most hated community on Planetside 2
  • The Feros Initiative is growing fast
  • The Feros Initiative home system is YZ Fornacis
  • The Feros Initiative started weekly events
  • News flash Murkal_man gets killed over 10x in a row by a BR level 8 on a flash more about this later
  • The initiative is using discord now while the empire remains on teamspeak
  • Megan demands the jizz on murkal-mans face to be tested for monkey origins

The Feros Initiative






Begin your journey today.

Join The Feros Initiative today.

The Feros Initiative is currently seeking recruits. Please apply in the outfit screen recruits will be among the first contacted for future briefings, events, meetings and platoons.








The Feros Initiative works with a military structure (rules & ranks) in an organized manner to eliminate everything from missions to threats. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun

We respect all out members we help our members by sharing tips, class builds, best way the earn cert/exp, how to play and much more.

We are very friendly with new players and are glad to help them. All prudent communications are handled on our party chat or discord we do use ingame chat for people without a means to join either of them.

The Feros Initiative is growing fast but and are open to all do not be toxic please










The Feros Initiative continues to seek out top candidates for it’s mission. We welcome anyone willing to give their everything.







Add Joeysevengames on PSN

The Feros Initiative Life hold mouse here

The Feros Initiative Life

We are a massive military force the Initiatives main target is to unite the Venu Sovereignty under one outfit.

The Feros Initiative Promise:

Each Person enlisting in the Initiative  pledges to support and defend the Feros Initiative  against all enemies both the NC and TR! Enlistees swear to obey the orders of Commander Joeysevengames and the orders of Officers appointed over them, according to the regulations of the Feros Initiative.


The Reservist Exception(who prefer to just play for fun):

As a army reserve member you agree to help the initiative in any way you can while doing your own thing. The Initiative understands that you have restrictive time slots available to serve therefor you will only be called upon when available. Furthermore, when called upon you will be held to the same standards as active duty members. If you find that you cannot follow the orders given kindly inform your commanding officer and step down.


What to expect after you have enlisted:

Enlistees will be trained in combat, formation and communications to prepare for major events. This applies to Reserve members as well. After you are determined to be fit for Initiative naval combat you will have full access to events going forward as well as the perk of Feros team work.


Your army duties are as follows:

1. To follow the Feros Initiative regulations posted in the discord channel #rules
2. Obey the orders of Commander Joeysevengames
3. Obey the orders of Officers appointed over you.
3. Unless you are a squad leader and/or a fireteam leader try to keep it at call outs once the chats get really populated.
4. Following orders and keeping formation is absolutely important. If you stray from formation and cowboy your way into battle you will be killed on the field and dropped from the main army!


The Feros regular life:

So you don’t think you are cut out for the epicness that is the Feros Initiative army… That is fine, you still have a purpose. As a regular member you are tasked with supporting the Initiative. You are expected to independently support Feros.

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The Feros Initiative

The Feros Initiative Info hold mouse here

The Feros Initiative

The Feros Initiative is a young but the biggest and most active outfit of the Venu Sovereignty. Already organizing massive platoons were most of it’s members are communicating through voice channels. Even taking entire continents with Feros members alone.

The Feros Initiative Ranks hold mouse here

The Feros Initiative Ranks

The Feros Initiative Rules hold mouse here

The Feros Initiative Rules

1. Do not Troll ( this doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun )

2. Do not racistly offend anyone.

3. Respect everyone and everyone’s religion.

4. Do not purposely mess up the formation.

5. Do not purposely team kill or you will be executed ( yes accidents happen we understand )

6. Obey all orders given to you by Co’s or NCO’s ( commanding officer, non commanding officer ) We also do groups without this system and just have fun.

7. Do not retreat until you are commanded.

8. When the party chat or discord has a lot of people try to keep it at mostly call outs.

9. Rebel/Traiters or you will be executed and banned from the Feros Initiative.

10. Always support your fellow soldier.