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 Feros News
  • The Feros Initiative has become the most hated community on Planetside 2
  • The Feros Initiative is growing fast
  • The Feros Initiative home system is YZ Fornacis
  • The Feros Initiative started weekly events
  • News flash Murkal_man gets killed over 10x in a row by a BR level 8 on a flash more about this later
  • The initiative is using discord now while the empire remains on teamspeak
  • Megan demands the jizz on murkal-mans face to be tested for monkey origins

Barcode Studio Crack / Pro Full Version (Latest) 🔼



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May 12, 2015
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Why can’t I convert a list of instances of a class to a string?

I’m trying to create a string with a list of strings.
This is the code:
val dt = str(listOf(triedToCloseAnItem.asInstanceOf[Map[String, Any]]))

and it gives the following error:
Type mismatch.
Required: String
Found: org.scala.Some

I’ve tried playing around with asInstanceOf, but I’m not sure how to fix this.


listOf returns a sequence of the type T, and not a sequence of Maps. You need to extract the inner Map from the outer sequence.
val dt = str(triedToCloseAnItem.asInstanceOf[Map[String, Any]].toList)

Alternatively if you want just a list of Strings:
val dt = str(triedToCloseAnItem.asInstanceOf[Map[String, Any]])
val dt2 = str(triedToCloseAnItem.asInstanceOf[Map[String, Any]].asInstanceOf[List[String]].toList)

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2. Description of the Related Art
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